IsoFlux NGS DNA Kit - Product Data Sheet


  • Seamless integration with IsoFlux System workflow
  • Enhances purity through leukocyte depletion process
  • Amplifies DNA using highly uniform and accurate process
  • Produces an abundance of gDNA (µg quantities) for use in NGS
  • Enables stable, long-term storage of gDNA



Enrichment of tumor material from the peripheral blood circulation holds tremendous potential for cancer biomarker discovery and development. The primary limitation thus far has been the purity and number of target copies in the samples. Next-generation sequencing (NGS) and other genomic analyses typically require 5% or greater purity to reliably detect the target 1. Many of the approaches to capturing tumor material from the circulation deliver purity below 1%, and often below 0.1% 2.


The IsoFlux NGS DNA Kit addresses this limitation by further increasing the purity of tumor cell samples enriched with the IsoFlux System. The kit also incorporates a Whole Genome Amplification (WGA) step to produce abundant quantities (1-10µg) of gDNA using an accurate and uniform DNA polymerase. This gDNA material is suitable for long-term storage and analysis using NGS and comparable genomic methods.