Recording of Endogenous GABAA Channel in Human Airway Smooth Muscle Cells

Classical cell based screening assays employ cell lines in which the channel under study has been transfected to achieve elevated levels of channel expression. However, dis- parities exist between experimental results of screening assays using cells over ex- pressing the target of interest as compared to cells found in vivo with endogenous levels of ion channel expression. This has raised concerns regarding the physiological rele- vance of the screening. In non-transfected cells, the assay targets are expressed in a more physiologically relevant environment, and the complex interplay of the endoge- nously expressed ion channels, secondary messengers and other cell signaling proteins can be better recapitulated than in the recombinant cell lines. Therefore, there is a grow- ing interest in the use of non-transfected cells for drug discovery screening. 


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