Nicotinic Receptors Investigated Using a Next Generation Automated Patch Clamp System


A number of nicotinic acetycholine receptors (nAChR) are being actively used as ion channel drug targets. These measurements pose unique challenges for au- tomated patch clamp instrumentation. This is due to the fast kinetics of a number of nAChR ion channel types, as well as the need to limit the agonist exposure time across a large number of parallel recordings in order to control desensitization.

In this study we present data relating to the fast recov- ery from desensitization that, for a next generation au- tomated patch clamp platform, is mediated by continu- ous flow and microfluidic compound delivery. EC50 data for known agonists will be presented, along with reference compound data.

(Presented at Biophysics 2011)