BioFlux Product Family Brochure

Live cell assays are often performed in well plates
to test multiple conditions and compounds in
parallel. But many biological questions require
more than simply adding cells into a dish. The
BioFlux system provides the ability to emulate
physiological shear flow in an in vitro model, while
still maintaining a convenient well plate format.
This opens up a multitude of experiments which
could never be done in static well plates.

The power of flow
Many physiological processes take place under flow
conditions. Blood flows through the vasculature.
Cancer cells circulate throughout the body under
flow. Plaque forms on teeth under the presence of
saliva flow. Numerous studies have shown the
presence of flow has a profound impact on cellular
physiology. Yet many of these processes are still
studied in vitro without the presence of flow. The
BioFlux System gives you the ability to introduce
flow to your research and drug discovery
experiments and emulate in vivo conditions.