Biofilm Growth: Growth of oral and environmental biofilms using the BioFlux System

All bateria occupy natural niches in which they proliferate. Organisms that can be isolated from the enviroment present a concern as opportunistic pathogens which grow as biofilms in wounds. Likewise, the bacteria that make up the flora of the oral cavity have complex relationships within biofilms that ultimately contribute to pathogenesis in the oral cavity as well as in other organs of the body. In order to study such relationships among bacteria, it is necessary to inoculate and culture the organism under shear flow.

The BioFluxTM System is a microfluidic platform designed to run automated shear flow protocols for cell biology and microbiology experiments in high throughput (Figure 1). This application note reports co-culture experimentation with S. oralis and A. naeslundii in BioFlux Plates for formation of a mutualistic biofilm in saliva, as well as, growth of a biofilm from an enviromnental bacterium, P. fluorescens, a close relative of the opportu- nistic pathogen P. aeruginosa