Live Cell Analysis Under Shear Flow

Lab Manager MagazineJuly 17 2009

Live Cell Analysis Under Shear Flow

Problem: In today’s life science research environment, the usefulness and versatility of cellular analysis is growing rapidly. While the evolution of research tools has enabled the generation of more data and increasingly detailed study of cellular function, static, plate-based assays have not been able to closely mimic conditions in the human body. Traditionally this has required moving the assays into in vivo studies in animal models, which is time consuming and expensive.

Solution: Fluxion Biosciences has developed research tools that bridge the gap between in vitro and in vivo, allowing advanced cellular study and minimizing the volume of animal studies. The foundation for these systems is cutting edge microfluidic technology, which can control shear flow in individual microplate wells to emulate in vivo conditions of the microvasculature and other physiological systems. Many processes behave differently under flow versus static conditions. Shear flow is important in vascular, immune and cardiovascular systems.


Keywords: Shear Stress Related

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