Nucleic acid modulators of clec-2

Publication number US20120095085 A1
Publication type Application
Application number US 13/274,189
Publication date Apr 19, 2012
Filing date Oct 14, 2011
Priority date Oct 14, 2010
Also published as CA2814076A1, 4 More »
Inventors Juliana M. Layzer, 4 More »
Original Assignee Layzer Juliana M, 4 More »


Provided are ligands which bind to and regulate the function of CLEC-2. Nucleic acid CLEC-2 ligands described herein are able to inhibit CLEC-2 mediated platelet aggregation and may also provide use in regulating CLEC-2-mediated processes such as thrombus formation, tumor metastasis, lymphangiogenesis, HIV dissemination, inflammatory response, cytokine production and phagocytosis. Also disclosed herein are modulator molecules which can reverse the activity of the CLEC-2 ligand both in vitro and in vivo and ex vivo.