Evaluation of In Vitro Platelet Functions of INTERCEPT™ Treated Platelet Components (PC) Using a “Low Dose/Low Volume” Configuration



The INTERCEPT™ Blood System was developed to
reduce transfusion-transmitted infections by inactivating
pathogens in blood components. This system utilizes
amotosalen and low energy ultraviolet light A to crosslink
nucleic acids and prevent replication of pathogens and
leukocytes. INTERCEPT has CE Mark registration for
treatment of platelet concentrates (PC) ranging from 2.5
to 8 x 1011 platelets in additive solutions or 100% plasma
with volumes between 255-420 mL. In order to implement
INTERCEPT for platelets in Japan, a kit that can process
a 2 x 1011 platelet dose in a volume of 200 mL plasma
(±20%) is required (Figure 1).