Livening Up HCS Imaging

John Comley



With the aid of recent end-user feedback, this article investigates interest in
and use of live cell and kinetic HCS imaging; most wanted application areas:
advantages of live cell HCS imaging; live cell HCS assays of greatest interest;
what’s limiting live cell HCS; what is most needed to grow the live cell and
kinetic imaging market; assay requirements; and preferred HCS instrument
configuration. These findings provide a setting to review some of the latest
vendor product offerings in this area. These include live cell and kinetic HCS
imagers; fully automated HCS systems; HCS-related instrumentation; reagents,
live cell probes and assay kits; image analysis and data management software.
Overall, there is still plenty of scope for further technology enrichment in this
area and ample opportunity to shift many of today’s fixed cell end-point assays
to live cell readouts in the future.