Application Note (Thermo Fisher/Fluxion): Somatic variant detection in circulating tumor cell (CTC) samples


CTC enrichment with IsoFluxTM System, targeted amplification using Ion AmpliSeqTM technology, and sequencing on the Ion PGMTM System enables research into the biology of CTCs. Somatic variant analysis of CTC samples permits the study of cancer disease progression over multiple time points and may help ascertain the recurrent somatic mutations present in CTCs that support a causal role in metastasis; information that would be difficult or impossible to obtain without CTC profiling. Through the study of CTCs, it is hoped that in the future cancer can be classified by metastatic potential in which localized tumor growth—likely to respond to surgery—can be differentiated from rapid metastasizing cancer that would

be better treated by non-surgical intervention. Furthermore, profiling of CTCs might be used for patient stratification or for the identification of variants suitable for targeted therapy.

This application note describes a workflow for isolating CTCs using the IsoFluxTM System followed by analysis of somatic variants using the Ion AmpliSeqTM Cancer Hotspot Panel v2, the Ion PGMTM System, and Ion ReporterTM Software.


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