BioFlux 6-well Upgrade (Extended Flow)

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BioFlux 6-Well Upgrade Instructions:

This requires a previous version of the BioFlux software to be already installed

To check if your install already supports 6-well (extended flow) functionality, launch the BioFlux software and enter abXX (e.g. ab15) as the serial number / plate type in the software.
If no plate is recognized, you do not have 6-well plate support.

Follow the steps below to add 6-well functionality:

  1. Exit the BioFlux Software
  2. Download BioFlux 6-Well Installer - Setup
  3. Run the BioFlux 6-Well Update Installer (run as administrator)
  4. Relaunch the BioFlux software
  5. Enter ab15 as the plate type; if the software initializes with an image of the 6-well plate, your software was successfully updated

Further help: