Calibration (tuning) of Heating Sensor BioFlux Controller


  1. Connect the heater plate to the controller. Do not continue without a plate connected.
  2. Hold the up and down arrow at the same time for 3 seconds to enter program mode.
  3. The screen should say "tune". Press and hold the * button and press the up arrow until it says At.SP.
  4. Exit the program mode by repeating step 2. The screen should now cycle through tune, At.SP and the temperature reading. It will do this for up to several minutes, and then it should be all set.
  5. If the screen does not say "tune" in step 3, press the up and down arrows until you find the LEVL option. Then press and hold * and press down until you get to LEVL 1. Then release the * button and press up once to see the "tune" option.