General Guidelines For Slide Preparation for FISH Analysis

FISH slide preparation of CTC samples recovered from the IsoFlux system

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Preparation of slides

Slides can be purchased from Polysciences Inc. These are poly-L-Lysine coated microscope slides CAT # 22247.

  • Draw a small circle on the slide ~1cm in diameter with a hydrophobic pen (PAP pen). Allow to air dry
  • Immediately after removing the CellSpot from the IsoFlux plate, transfer the sample from the CellSpot in 20uL PBS onto the slide slowly and completely using a pipette. Use additional volume to clean the CellSpot at your discretion. (Optional: place the slide with the sample centered on a round magnet 1cm in diameter)
  • Allow the sample to dry in the hood

Use hood for fixation- both fixatives are significantly toxic/corrosive, use nitrile gloves.

Fixation version 1

Once the sample is dry (approximately 1 hour), fix the sample with freshly prepared 95% methanol for 10 minutes.

Fixation version 2

Once the sample is dry (approximately 1 hour), fix the sample with freshly prepared, ice cold, 3:1 methanol: acetic acid for 15 minutes.

After Fixation

Allow the sample to air dry in hood.
Pack slides in slide boxes and keep in a desiccated environment.