Procedure: IsoFlux Discovery Services - Sample Submission

Applies to: IsoFlux discovery services

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Updated: 2023-04-07
Revision: B

This guide provides procedures for IsoFlux CTC enrichment, enumeration, and bio-banking services.


Hours of Operation

9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Monday to Friday (excluding holidays)

Address and Contact Information
Fluxion Biosciences
1901 Poplar St., Suite B
Oakland, California 94607
Tel: +1 650-241-4777

Sample submission instructions

Checklist for completion of sample submission


    • Signed agreement to process samples is in place (Purchase Order, Research
      Agreement, etc.)
    • As much advance notice as possible is provided to Fluxion before collection (per Research Agreement or at least 24 hours in advance)

Sample Collection

    • Samples are collected, packed, and sealed per guidelines
    • Shipment is sent with appropriate courier to exact address below (morning delivery is
    • Sample Submission Form (paper copy) is included with shipment
    • Sample Submission Form (electronic copy) is emailed to or to:
      contact person
      Fluxion Biosciences, Inc.
      Attn: Sample Processing (Job #XXXX)
      1901 Poplar St., Suite B
      Oakland, California 94607
      Tel. +1 650 241 4777

Blood collection


  1. Prepare to ship the samples same day they are collected.
  2. Samples are accepted Monday to Friday, excluding holidays. Please confirm with
    your courier that the sample will arrive at Fluxion during these days.
  3. Materials required (Suggested part numbers are listed below. Comparable alternatives may be used. Please comply with your institution's and federal shipping
    1. 10cc EDTA Blood Collection Tube (BD part number 366643) or similar
    2. Styrofoam shipping container: Small foam mailer - 3 tubes (Therapak 44903)
    3. Plastic bio-specimen outer bags (Bio bag VWR part number 89400-274)
    4. Outer shipping box (in corrugated carton VWR part number 89413-472)

Sample Collection

Before collecting blood sample:

    1. Label each tube with sample unique identification (ID)
    2. Complete the Sample Submission Form (see Appendix C).

Blood collection:

    1. Draw blood into 10cc EDTA Collection Tube using standard venipuncture procedures for collecting peripheral venous blood. Please adhere to your institution's protocol and guidelines. A minimum volume of 7mL is required or per Research Agreement.
    2. Gently invert the tube 8 to 10 times.

Sample packaging and shipping

    1. Place the collection tube(s) in the Styrofoam shipping box
    2. Place the box into the plastic specimen bag and seal.
    3. Pace the sealed bag into the insulated shipping box.
    4. Fill the empty space with bubble wrap or shipping paper.
    5. Enclose the completed Sample Submission Form inside the cardboard box and seal the box for shipment
    6. Ship sample immediately at room temperature (18-25°C). Do NOT refrigerate or
      freeze at any time.


  • Do not expose to temperatures less than 4°C or greater than 37°C.
  • Do not freeze.
  • Ship sample immediately (same day of collection).
  • Handle sample with care; avoid shaking or unnecessary inverting of the tubes.
  • Hemolysis of the sample will affect cell isolation procedures. Samples with
    excessive hemolysis may be rejected at Fluxion's discretion.

Sample Transfer to Fluxion Biosciences

  1. Ship the sample same day as collection for same-day (local), or next day delivery. Shipping companies such as FEDEX, UPS, and local medical couriers all have same day or overnight delivery capabilities. Please contact Fluxion if you have any questions regarding shipments +1 650 241 4777.
  2. IMPORTANT: When shipping overnight, please select a morning delivery option a (often called 'Priority Overnight' or equivalent). Samples arriving late in the day may not be able to get processed. Please ensure that your shipment will arrive to Fluxion on a weekday (Monday to Friday, excluding holidays). Fluxion cannot be held liable for any delay or holding in shipment or delivery over the weekend.
  3. Please inform your courier of the type of biological sample you are shipping and any associated details such as cold packs or potentially hazardous materials. Ensure any required forms are completed ahead of time to avoid delay.
  4. Please also include the following e-mail address in your shipping courier's electronic shipment notification update:
  5. Adhere to D.O.T. and international shipping guidelines with respect to transport of biological materials. Please contact your courier or Fluxion for information if you are uncertain about the regulations for shipping various materials. Pack the samples in the appropriate materials as suggested by the guidelines included in this document.

Sample Receiving at Fluxion

  1. Upon receiving the samples, verify that the sample ID matches that on the Sample Submission Form. Contact the Sender immediately for any discrepancy.
  2. Log the sample in the dedicated laboratory notebook and binder. The enclosed Sample Submission Form may be used. Additional electronic entry system may also be used.
  3. Note the date of blood draw, date of process, sample volume, sample ID, and the protocol/job ID number.
  4. Note the physical appearance of the sample (color, condition, temperature, sign of lysis or aggregation, etc....)
  5. Verify that appropriate sample is destined for the dedicated method of CTC isolation and analysis.
  6. Verify if additional sample is included for processing or bio-banking.

Download Sample Submission Form