Running BioFlux software in simulation mode

This article includes calibration settings you can use to run BioFlux software without a controller attached to the computer

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BioFlux software can be run without a controller attached, which can be useful to learn the software, play with experimental parameters, or analyze images on a separate computer. If no BioFlux controller is attached to the computer, the software will automatically open in simulation mode. 

A plate code is required to operate the software, even in simulation mode. You can use the following plate codes as examples:

48 well low shear - BC01
48 well high shear - CA02
24 well - EA01
6 well - AB15

The hardware also requires calibration values for each controller regulator. To set these values, use the top menu to navigate to System - Calibration Data. Enter the values shown below (2 psi/V for each regulator, zero is fine for offset), then click Apply and Close. You are now ready to use the software in simulation mode. 


If the BioFlux controller is available, enter the actual calibration values found on the system information sticker on the rear of the instrument. These values are the factory calibration numbers for that controller.