What is the shear stress on a 24-well plate with 2-inlet flow?

Flow and shear stress are additive between the two channels

BioFlux 24-well plates have flow channels with 2 input wells (A and B) and a single output. This allows for running experiments where flow is switched between A and B, for example if one side contains media and the other side contains treatment. 

However, flow can also be simultaneous from each inlet, creating 2 liquid streams with a common junction in the viewing channel. This enables more complicated assays like wound healing, migration/invasion, chemotaxis, etc. See our application notes and protocols for more information.

When running flow from A and B at the same time, note that the flow rates and shear stresses shown for each inlet must be combined to determine the flow and shear stress in the viewing window. Adjust input volumes and experiment runtimes accordingly to ensure that the outlet well does not overflow.